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Royal Business Ebook PackageEbooks With Resell RightsAmazing Business SecretsRevealedSo you want to start a business? Don't know how? Give a thought to color when you start that business!

It can play a big part in forming the size of your profits. Perhaps enthusiasm stands highest as a prerequisite for the home careerist. With this in mind, under no conditions select from this book an idea that you are convinced will make money, but for which you have no intense eagerness.

Statistics reveal how many businesses fail because of inadequate records, lack of capital, and lack of competent business know-how; but there are no statistics listing the vast number of failures due to a simple lack of enthusiasm.

This conviction and fervor for the product or service you decide upon is necessary if you are to bounce back after each mistakeand you will make themand go on to success.

Before deciding upon a way to make money at home, the wise man will ask if he has the temperament to work for himself. Only an earnest, dependable person can make money at home.

The man or woman working alone has no one to drive him; he himself must be the driver. No one will stand the expense of his mistakes; he must pay for them out of his own pocket.

Only a person with the traits of reliability, stick-to-itiveness, and personal integrity is able to work for himself. How Can the package help?

FULFILL a need and you'll create a service. The number of services yet to be offered in this country is only as limited as your own imagination.

Hundreds of new services are still un-hatched thoughts. Find something that people don't like to do or can't do, do it for them, and you have a service.

Too often your good ideas are left to die on the theory that if you could only live in a large city you could use those ideas to make money. Never underestimate the small town; tailor your ideas to fit your locality.

One man, who was just another person trying to sell his advertising service in highly competitive New York, returned to Concord, New Hampshire, and his one-man agency now employs three full-time workers.

The firms that once found it necessary to go to Boston for guidance in their advertising problems welcomed specialized knowledge right at hand.

They are pleased at savings in long-distance calls; they relish having a man right on the spot with plenty of "know-all" at their disposal.

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